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Since 1995, Mr. Rudd has managed The Rudd Report website that provides information to readers and students, including copies of Mr. Rudd’s newspaper columns, which now have a circulation that is estimated to be in excess of 6 million readers.

The website is visited by approximately 120,000 people each month. While in Savannah, Mr. Rudd was the “Wall Street expert” for WSAV TV, the Savannah NBC TV affiliate, putting together and delivering live commentary for the morning and evening news. He was also an instructor at Armstrong University, teaching security analysis.

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About Rudd International

Enhancing the lives of our clients is the primary goal at Rudd International. As a trusted advisor, it is our obligation to earn their trust every day.

It is irrelevant as to whether you received a windfall payout or have spent a lifetime accumulating a degree of financial wealth, the nurturing of those financial assets should rest in the hands of a company with the integrity and experience to preserve and grow your assets. You need to delegate your financial freedom to a company you can trust.

Our investment philosophy closely follows that of both Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. It is our belief that there is no better way of building wealth than through the ownership of equity securities issued by quality companies.

Moreover, we believe that superior returns are based largely on well-reasoned expectations for growth and the avoidance of unnecessary risk. To that end, we invest in proven companies that have a track record of growth both in earnings and dividends.

Our focus is on client portfolios that emphasize best in class investments as well as companies that hold a sustainable competitive advantage to potentially generate better than average results over the long term.

Our rigorous valuation has as its base the Intrinsic value of a company. Specifically, it is the mathematically determined value of a corporation’s shares, as opposed to its current market price. The result is that we achieve a margin of safety that equates to the differential between a share’s current price and its estimated intrinsic value.

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